Paper Sessions

Dear CAADRIA conference participants,

Please find the following information for presenting your paper on the day.

CAADRIA2022 continues to respond to COVID. While we invite all presenters to join us for a full online paper presentation conference, we will live stream all presentations across three main theatres at the Powerhouse Museum. You will be able to meet, catch up, view the workshop results and exhibition and travel through the Powerhouse exhibitions. 

Frequently ask questions:

Q: Will you provide a (mandatory) template?
A: There is no mandatory template; each presenter can choose their own template. Please use the provided Zoom background attached to this email for the zoom background. See Zoom on how to change your background. 

Q: Do we log in/meet the session chair in advance?
A: You are asked to check in latest 5 min before the session opens, to meet and greet.

Q: How long is a session?
A: Each paper session is 1h 30min, with a welcome and short introduction by each session chair to the theme of the session, and then paper presentation by all paper authors. Questions may be asked after each paper or collated for a quick discussion moderated by the session chair at the end.

Q: What is the average and maximum length of a presentation? Is there a maximum number of slides?
A: Each paper has 12 minutes for presentation and 3 min for discussion, either after the presentation of the paper or, if the session chair decides this, a combined discussion at the end of the session with a total of 15 min. There is no minimum or maximum amount of slides it depends on the presenter but we would recommend a total of 15 slides with approximately 1 min per slide.

Q: Are files to be submitted? If so, what formats are allowed/recommended?
A: No files need to be submitted prior to the presentation (no videos are to be sent prior to the conference) and each presenter will present by sharing one’s screen via zoom.

Q: Is it recommended to upload a video on a host platform in case of connectivity issues?
A: Internet connection and connectivity is an issue at online conferences. Please assure that you are at a spot that has sufficient internet connection. We have taken care of a high speed connection from our end. Also please assure that you are in a room with minimum noise.

Q: I will be physical at the conference. How do I present? 
A: You will stream your presentation into the Zoom of your paper session using your own computer and the wifi provided by the venue. For you in Sydney we would like you to present and be at the Powerhouse Museum, the conference venue. You will stand on stage or in front of the physical audience and present using your laptop and your zoom to stream to the online members. 

Q: Are there any other restrictions/recommendations?
A: No restriction but we will be strict on time and encourage lively discussions on the papers.  

Q: How do we use the chatline during a presentation?
Chairs, presenters and audience are encouraged to provide questions and comments during all presentations in the chatline. Please respect the authors and provide positive feedback and constructive comments. We also have sent a Slack channel to coordinate.

Q: Are the sessions recorded?
A: Yes all sessions and presentations will be recorded and we will add the videos of the presentations onto the homepage in the weeks following the conference. 

Q: What is the format of the Zoom presentation?
A: All paper sessions will be Zoom webinars. Presenters will be invited as panellists.