Forming Strategies For Robotic Incremental Sheet Forming

Qiang Cui Tsinghua University
Siddharth Suhas Pawar PIX Moving
Mengxi He University of Stuttgart
Chuan Yu PIX Moving

Incremental Sheet Forming (ISF) is a flexible forming technology that can process parts without special mould, where-in an indenter moves over the surface of a sheet metal forming a 3D shell through localized deformation. Despite being fundamentally advantageous than stamping for low-volume production, there are many drawbacks to this technique, a major being the low geometrical accuracy of the achieved products, thereby limiting its widespread industrial application. In this paper, flexible support strategies and precise forming compensation have been considered as promising approaches in terms of improving the geometric accuracy in ISF. Four support strategies and a compensation forming method based on FEA and three-dimensional scanning are discussed in detail. Finally, we deploy the technique for the manufacturing of automotive products. The technique is applied to several automotive products of varying topologies and thus form the basis for successful verification of our technique.

Keywords: Incremental Sheet Forming; Robotic Fabrication; Forming Path; Error Compensation; Sdg12.

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