Architecture Value Change In Response To The Anthropocene: The Contribution Of Digital Innovation

Dermott Mcmeel AUT University
Emina Petrovic Victoria University Wellington

The confluence of different interests—the Anthropocene, productivity, sustainability, economics—calls for a need to re-think how the professions evaluate the built environment. There is a myriad of different strands of work under this umbrella which—broadly—point to a shift in the value framework for those people and professions who have agency in, and are responsible for, the creation of the built environment. This paper has two objectives. First, by drawing from the writing of architectural theorist Juhani Pallasmaa it teases out themes useful to conceptualise the value change. The goal is to delineate particular views around the creation of and our relation to the built environment. Second, it presents three projects: (1) tracking chemical composition of construction materials, (2) an app that encourages e-commerce in building multi-species environments, and (3) a concept for an economy in construction waste leveraging possibilities presented by blockchain technology. The aim is to shed light on how the emerging blockchain technology might alter values and organisational systems of the built environment in response to the Anthropocene and climate crisis.

Keywords: Design; Anthropocene; Value Change; Blockchain; System Design; Sdg12

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