Remembering Urban Village: Using Cloudxr Technology As An Enhanced Alternative To Better Disseminate Heritage

Xinyi Zhou
Yao Chen Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen
Fukai Chen Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen
Kan Li Architectural Association School of Architecture
Tiantian Lo Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen
Rufeng Xiang
Liquan Liu Configreality

Urban villages are strictly related to urban growth. It reflects the era characteristics and memory in urban growth, which has significant value in heritage and sustainable cities (SDG 11). Due to the continuous development of urbanization and the shortage of urban land, many urban villages will be replaced by more valuable functions. Therefore, better preserving the digitalization of urban villages and making more people understand the value of urban villages is particularly important. However, the existing technology still has shortcomings in disseminating digital heritage. For urban villages, usually a large-scale and complex environment, the hardware requirements will be very high for high-precision visualization. Most existing solutions use large hardware devices, such as the virtual sand table. Unlike hand-held devices, such devices are expensive and not portable, limiting better dissemination of such heritage. Due to the hardware limitation of hand-held devices, neither the display resolution nor the interaction effect is satisfying. Therefore, this paper proposes a new workflow by NVIDIA CloudXR streaming technology to achieve high-precision visualization and a rich interactive experience on hand-held devices. Such heritage can be promoted and cities can be more sustainable.

Keywords: Cloudxr Technology, Urban Village, Digital Heritage, Preservation, Dissemination, Portable Devices, Sdg 11

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