An increase of the world’s population to 10 billion people by 2050, coupled with current continued economic growth, digitisation, infrastructure expansion and resource depletion in many countries, all require us to reconsider the global carbon impact. ‘Post Carbon’ seeks profoundly different approaches to identify closer dialogues, better collaboration, increased agency and effective ways to address a world in which climate change has become a reality. In conjunction with the conference discussions at Powerhouse Sydney, this exhibition showcases built, industry, and research projects on ‘Post Carbon’ that address the UN Sustainable Development Goals and demonstrate how we can live with extreme climate, limited resources and reduced biodiversity.

Curated by Anastasia Globa (The University of Sydney) and Linda Matthews (University of Technology Sydney)


Ana Gatóo, Michael H. Ramage, Antiopi Koronaki, Ron Bakker, Abhinav Choudary, Yelda Gin, Midori Ainoura, Pablo Lunin, Darshil U. Shah, Lars Hesselgren, Richard Woolsgrove, Nathaniel Moore, Harjit Sembi, Mutsuko Grant, Eduardo Wiegand, Aurimas Bukauskas | United Kingdom

Hortiscape. A Robotically Crafted Living Wall

Sandra Mansilla Hsyu, Kenny Nguyen, Gergana Rusenova, Sascha Bohnenberger-Fehr | Australia

The Green Weaved Corridor

TianTian Lo, Xiangmin Guo, Jinxuan Wu, Kenan Sun | China

Circular Digitalized Dome

Prof. Catherine De Wolf, Brandon Byers, Deepika Raghu, Matthew Gordon | Switzerland

Material Computation with Myco- Materials

Phillip Gough, Anastasia Globa, Dagmar Reinhardt | Australia

Generali Center Vienna Austria

Matias del Campo, Sandra Manninger, Yining Yuan | Austria

Computational design and optimization of special acoustic reflectors

Shuai Lu, Densil Cabrera, Jonothan Holmes, Yuxiao Chen, Mary Rapp | Australia

Building Resilience

Anastasia Globa, Dagmar Reinhardt, Adrienne Keane, Peter Davies | Australia

Multiplanar Robotic Tube Bending

Gregory Thomas Spaw, Lee-Su Huang, Ammar Kalo | United Arab Emirates, United States of America

Kampung Melayu

Kim Ricafort, Ethan Koch, Mohammed Makki | Australia

The Dispossessed

Wenbiao Shi, Hengyan Pan, Zhenni Zhu, Gan Ling | China

Architectures of Fire

Simon Twose, Anastasia Globa, Jules Moloney, Lawrence Harvey | New Zealand

Sky Pillar: Characterization and prototyping of biochar-cement composites

Kevin Mockford, Laure Nolte, Preston Stronach, James Forren | Canada

AI & Typology

Xiang Yin, Yanfeng Chen, Dongjian Yuan | China

3D-GAN-Housing (Neural Sampling series)

Immanuel Koh | Singapore

Round-the-table: a sustainable academia via Phygital exchanges

Provides Ng, Alberto Fernandez | United Kingdom

Timber Tectonics in the Digital Age

Aaryn Gray, Alex Hilton, Fatima Al-Shaibani, Kalei Kittleson, with instructors Nancy Cheng, Mariapaola Riggio, Isaac Martinotti, and Sujit Bhandhari | USA

Transit-Oriented Developement Interface (TODAI)

Garry H. Zhang, Leo L. Meng, Nicole Gardner, Daniel K. Yu, Mattias Hank Haeusler | UNSW

Learning from Nature for Sustainable Additive Manufacturing

Anusha Withana, Phillip Gough, Anastasia Globa, Ali Hadigheh, Yi-Sheng Chen, Pegah Varamini | Australia

A Parking meadow

Michael G. White | Australia

Biophilic design in semi-outdoor environment at workplace: Does the thermal realm matter?

Kun Lyu, Richard de Dear, Anastasia Globa, Arianna Brambilla | Australia