A Method Of Vr Enhanced Poe For Wayfinding Efficiency In Mega Terminals Of Airport

Shuyang Li Tongji University
Chengyu Sun Tongji University
Yinshan Lin Tongji University

The airport is one of the most essential infrastructures of cities. An important issue of the airport design is that passengers must be able to find their way efficiently. Although the designers adopt the post-evaluation after the operation, it takes a long time to conduct the on-site wayfinding experiment, and the number of participants of the experiment is also limited. Moreover, conventional post-occupancy evaluation suffers from security control and quarantine inspection that can not be carried out in the field. We proposed a VR enhanced POE approach that carries out an online wayfinding experiment to obtain numerous and detailed data, which significantly improves the efficiency of the post-occupancy evaluation project, and is validated by an affordable small-scale on-site experiment. Meanwhile, the cause for low wayfinding efficiencies, such as the symmetric space, the ambiguous direction and the redundant information on signboards are found and corresponding optimization suggestions are presented. The following signage system optimization project conducted in the terminal is welcomed by the passengers according to monthly questionnaires.

Keywords: Transportation Building; Post-Occupancy Evaluation; Digital Twins; Signage System Design; Wayfinding; Virtual Reality; Eye-Tracking; Sdg 9.

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