Vizor, Facilitating Cyber-Physical Workflows In Prefabrication Through Augmented Reality

Xiliu Yang ICD, Universität Stuttgart
Felix Amtsberg ICD, Universität Stuttgart
Lior Skoury ICD, Universität Stuttgart
Hans-Jakob Wagner ICD, Universität Stuttgart
Achim Menges ICD, Universität Stuttgart

This research presents Vizor, a software framework to facilitate Human Robot Collaboration (HRC) in fabrication using Augmented Reality (AR), specifically within the environment of high Level of Automation (LoA) prefabrication for the AEC industry. The framework supports skill set extensions of fabrication setups via the integration of human craft and automation through AR and improves the accessibility and adaptability of these fabrication setups. It features a Grasshopper plugin for low-barrier-to-entry prototyping and an integrated HoloLens application for operation. The tool is demonstrated through three use case examples and validated in a proof-of-concept case study involving a craftsperson and a 14-Axis robotic setup, which demonstrates a novel interactive task-sharing process. Vizor opens new opportunities to extend robotic prefabrication with craftspeople who are skilled yet untrained in robotic control and provides greater access to tools for prototyping HRC workflows.

Keywords: Augmented Reality, Human Robot Collaboration, Cyber-Physical Fabrication, Sdg 8, Sdg 9, Sdg 12

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