Realtime Urban Insights For Bottom-Up 15-Minute City Design

Cesar Cheng Digital Blue Foam
Yuke Li Digital Blue Foam
Rutvik Deshpande Digital Blue Foam
Rishan Antonio Digital Blue Foam
Tejas Chavan Digital Blue Foam
Maciej Nisztuk Digital Blue Foam
Ramanathan Subramanian Digital Blue Foam
Camiel Weijenberg Digital Blue Foam
Sayjel Vijay Patel Digital Blue Foam

This paper introduces a real-time neighbour scoring system, using data collected from various web-based APIs, to facilitate “15-minute city” designs. The system extends on the current state of the art in three ways; first, it incorporates a multi-source urban API, which automates the extraction of location-based information from online sources; second, it provides a quantitative method to calculate and index “15-minute city” performance; and third, it provides a web-based application, which allows real-time feedback of neighbourhood design performance complementing the design refinements at a building and tenancy level. In addition to discussing its theoretical basis, and technical implementation, this paper provides a case study to demonstrate how the neighbourhood scoring system is incorporated into the design of a hypothetical mixed-use urban development.

Keywords: Sdg9, Industry Innovation And Infrastructure, Sdg11, Sustainable Cities And Communities, Urban Walkability, Urban Accessibility, 15-Minute City, Spatial Analysis

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