Modular Formwork Techniques For Funicular Slabs

Mayank Singh RV College of Architecture

The research dealt with developing low-cost formwork techniques for funicular slabs by trying to achieve similar-sized triangular modules to help achieve a near-perfect funicular shape. Instead of applying meshing patterns on already developed funicular shapes, the approach taken in this research was to mesh the planar topology and then analyse the similarity of triangles achieved on the relaxed geometry. 3 types of meshing patterns were applied to 5 types of planar shapes for a span of around 4 to 7 meters and the similarity of the triangles was measured through standard deviation. The meshes were structurally analysed and results like deflection and bending stresses helped in assessing which meshing pattern performed better under gravity and imposed loads. Prototypes in different scales were created to suggest a low-cost buildable solution.

Keywords: Funicular, Form-Finding, Meshes, Shells, Sdg 9, Sdg 11

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