Development Of An Affordable On-Site Wood Craft System: Interactive Fabrication Via Digital Tools

Arastoo Khajehee Keio University
Taisei Yabe Keio University
Xuanyu Lu Keio University
Jia Liu Keio University
Yasushi Ikeda Keio University

This research aims to develop a craft system that simplifies the transition between design and fabrication. One of the main purposes of this system is to allow non-professionals to engage in craft with the aid of affordable digital fabrication tools. By removing the technical hurdles that prevent beginners from engaging in digital fabrication, the system aims to enable those who are interested in making things as a hobby or DIY projects to enjoy digital craft. The developed craft system provides a comprehensive workflow, starting from the initial shape to the final CNC milling machine G-Code generation. It is developed through Object-Oriented Programming, resulting in an interactive system that provides information about the fabricability of the final shelf structure to user/designer. The real-time design-to-fabrication aspect allows for some degree of simultaneous design changes, making the craft experience more enjoyable. In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, this research is an attempt to provide more opportunities for individuals to get into digital fabrication, enabling them to acquire skills within the rapidly growing industry. Furthermore, as demonstrated by other digital fabrication tools like 3D printers, DIY builds can potentially be economically beneficial for the users.

Keywords: Digital Fabrication, Real-Time Design To Fabrication, Affordable On-Site Craft, Sdg 8, Sdg 9

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