Where Will Romance Occur, A New Prediction Method Of Urban Love Map Through Deep Learning

Zhiyong Dong South China University of Technology
Jinru Lin Tongji university
Siqi Wang Tongji university
Yijia Xu Shenzhen University
Jiaqi Xu National University of Singapore
Xiao Liu University of Southern California

Romance awakens fond memories of the city. Finding out the relationship between romantic scene and urban morphology, and providing a prediction, can potentially facilitate the better urban design and urban life. Taking the Yangtze River Delta region of China as an example, this study aims to predict the distribution of romantic locations using deep learning based on multi-source data. Specifically, we use web crawlers to extract romance-related messages and geographic locations from social media platforms, and visualize them as romance heatmap. The urban environment and building features associated with romantic information are identified by Pearson correlation analysis and annotated in the city map. Then, both city labelled maps and romance heatmaps are fed into a Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) as the training dataset to achieve final romance distribution predictions across regions for other cities. The ideal prediction results highlight the ability of deep learning techniques to quantify experience-based decision-making strategies that can be used in further research on urban design.

Keywords: Romance Heatmap, Generative Adversarial Networks, Deep Learning, Big Data Analysis, Correlation Analysis, Sdg 11

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