How A Flooded City Can Be Visualized From Both The Air And The Ground With The City Digital Twin Approach: System Integration Of Flood Simulation And Augmented Reality With Drones

Naoki Kikuchi Osaka University
Tomohiro Fukuda Osaka University
Nobuyoshi Yabuki Osaka University

City digital twins are becoming increasingly important for the sustainable development of cities, and augmented reality (AR) has been attracting attention as a tool for visualizing city digital twins. However, there are no case studies that present a bird’s-eye view of a simulated city. Visualizing the state of a flooded city during a disaster is one potential use case. From the perspective of information graphics, people want to understand urban data at the micro and macro levels. This study proposes a city-digital-twin approach for visualizing a simulated city using a large-scale AR and drone integration method that does not require a specific software development kit (SDK). This system can visualize the state of a city flooded by a disaster from both a bird’s-eye view of the city at several tens of metres above it and from a first-person perspective of the user’s area of activity. The applicability of the system is demonstrated through verification and case studies.

Keywords: Virtual And Augmented Realities; City Digital Twin; Occlusion Handling; Flood Visualization; Web-Based Augmented Reality (Web Ar); Sdg11: Sustainable Cities And Communities.

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