Conference Theme

The ‘Black Summer’ of the 2019-2020 Australian bushfire season with a period of unusually intense bushfires in many parts of Australia. Only a year later part of Australia declared natural disaster during a ‘once in 100 year flood’ and in between with ‘Niran’ a category 5 severe tropical cyclone. These and other natural disasters caused by climate change have brought three Sydney based universities together to jointly host the 2022 CAADRIA conference under the banner “Post Carbon’. 

As many architectural, engineering and construction offices around the globe we as computational design academics declare as well a climate and biodiversity emergency but also have the hope that computational design can investigate, address and contribute to solutions for a post carbon world.  

Thus we urge the CAADRIA community and researcher from around the globe in focusing their skills and expertise in ‘traditional’ conference topics such as:

  • Computational design
  • Rule based systems and shape grammar
  • Building Information Modelling
  • CAAD and education
  • CAAD, creativity and design thinking models
  • Smart cities, city modelling and GIS
  • Digital fabrication and robotics
  • Mass customization in design
  • Digital representation and visualization
  • VR, AR and interactive visualization
  • Agent-based modeling and machine learning in design
  • Simulation, prediction and evaluation in design
  • Structure optimization and material-based design
  • Bionics, bioprinting, living materials
  • Collaborative, participative or responsive design
  • Digital design for sustainable buildings
  • Performance based design
  • Digital heritage

and applying these into topics outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to address the theme of our conference ‘POST CARBON’.